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    GoDaddy Auctions is where expired GoDaddy domain name inventory is sold off, with GoDaddy taking the profits of the expired domain sales on GoDaddy registered domains and the domains from other registrars owned directly by GoDaddy (HEG’s registrars for an example). This is a big revenue source for GoDaddy (my guess), so I wanted to look at some GoDaddy Auction stats.

    The following is simply by looking at the FTP file of expired domain inventory, which is provided directly from GoDaddy. This includes many domain registrars controlled by GoDaddy and a few “partner” registrars like, PDR, Tucows etc. Most inventory though, is owned by GoDaddy. I say “owned by GoDaddy” because they are the ones getting paid when the domain sells.

    Prior to these partners being added to the GoDaddy Auctions inventory, I was aware of about 30,000 domain auctions in general ending daily. Now, about 30,000-50,0000 (usually closer to 40K on average) expired domain name auctions end daily. That totals on average of about 14 million expired domain auctions annually (40,000 x 365). How many receive bids and sell at expired auction is not a number that I have or can estimate in general. Nor do I have an estimate of how many sell in Closeout auctions.

    One thing to consider, looking at the FTP file data released this morning, 195,404 domain names have a Buy Now status, which tells me these 195K domains are “Closeout” auctions that range in price from $5-$11. Closeouts are 5 day, reverse auctions. $11 on day 1 of closeout, $10, $9, $8 and $5. Using today’s FTP data

    • 37,365 domains hold the $5 BIN price
    • 36,977 domains hold the $8 BIN price
    • 42,460 domains hold the $9 BIN price
    • 38,490 domains hold the $10 BIN price
    • 40,111 domains hold the $11 BIN price