GoDaddy “for sale” tweak leads to 41% more aftermarket sales revenue

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    New design boosts aftermarket domain name sales.

    Last month I spotted that GoDaddy was testing a new For Sale message when showing domain names listed in Afternic. I posited that this could help domain investors sell a lot more domains, and I was right.

    The old messages looked like this:


    The new messages provides quite a bit more detail:


    You’ll notice supporting information about why the domain name is worth more than a standard domain name. Depending on the name and the price, this can include a comparable sale, the valuation and keyword analysis. It also includes a link to a video about premium domains.

    After seeing great results in its split test, GoDaddy has completely dropped the old design in favor of the new design.

    GoDaddy GM & VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks shared data with me showing how much better the new design has worked:

    • Sales revenue through this purchase path is up 41%
    • Unit sales up 31%
    • Average sales price up 7%