Go Daddy Targets India as a Priority Market for Its Global Expansion



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Go Daddy, the world's largest provider of Web hosting, domain name registrations and new SSL Certificates, today announced that India has been identified as a priority market for Go Daddy's global expansion. Read more...

Big news!
Will be interesting to watch. Godaddy will be facing some formidable local competitors.
GoDaddy is the richest domain company and promotes massively its products (especially those it strongly believes in, see .CO). I think we should await big things for the future.
It is going to be very interesting to watch. They will raise awareness of domain names in India (this is much needed).
This is another resounding confirmation that India IS a juggernaut of demand for domain names and internet services. Needless to say they are pretty savvy at it :)
Godaddy & India

Interesting Story ..

Should give some insight to developers and the markets they should focus on as well.

Stuff like this, the Google Bus, and the Google/Hostgator free domain program will definitely HELP India develop an internet economy.

Businesses starting up need to be taught the value of affiliates and it will have a dramatic effect on India's internet growth. Once the average Joe can make even 1,000 INR a month by sending traffic to bigger companies then the snowball effect will start and it will be massive once it does. College kids wanting to make beer money in the US fueled growth of the internet in the late 90's to early 2000's .. It also fueled innovation and enhanced the surfers experience in the long run.

Go Daddy Looks to India, Hires First Ever International Executive
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Looks like Godaddy is doing well in India:

Go Daddy India Growth Beats Expectations - MarketWatch

* 91% annual customer growth over the past year (to 120,0000 customers)
* opening a customer care facility in Hyderabad (almost 10,000 calls per month)
* using several Indian payment methods
* headed by India Managing Director Rajiv Sodhi


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