Global Brands - Do not seem to use a .IN address when advertising in India!


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This is not a rant and seriously this lack of .IN focus or lack of the extensions use in ads on part of global brands is pathetic!

Apart from Amazon which is going gangbusters promoting their .IN extension prominently for India operations - we are just shocked at the # of global brands that do not advertise the .IN domain address, instead choosing to advertise either a or a specified path (sub directory) for India based site of their dot com!

Recent examples were given in another post with all the auto majors incl Ford, Renault, etc. some who are yet to file a INDRP to claim their brand name, now here are some more examples just from today's ads on a TV news channel:

a) (Tires or Tyres)
b) FedEx which has just started a TV blitz for Indian Small Business (they think it is funny - it sucks so far) uses
c) instead of - why?

So whats keeping these reputed brands who own the .INs from using DOT IN especially when they are advertising locally on TV sets across India?

We also note that at least resolves to the dot com path advertised and does nothing!

We need more marketing and reach out programs by the registry to these MNCs or Global Brands to have them use .IN and promote the extension!!!

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I think about the same.. Does their marketing department not see the potential and simplicity of the .,in. How easy it is for the public to recognize and remember .in, as opposed to ,com/in or or or co .in even. Amazon gets it! Others will eventually understand the value and power of the .in.
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More global brands use .IN than you might be admitting. NP has a .IN showcase thread and you'll be surprised how many global brands already use .IN for their website or/and special products/programs,etc.

It will gradually improve though. Its only a matter of time.


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I think about the same.. Does their marketing department not see the potential and simplicity of the .,in. How easy it is for the public to recognize and remember .in, as opposed to ,com/in or or or co .in even. Amazon gets it! Others will eventually understand the value and power of the .in.

....and as if to drive a knife through our hearts - GoDaddy which was prominently displaying .IN web address on the IPL Cricket series ads - has STOPPED using it and instead over the last 2 weeks has started using sub directory under .com ( and verbally promotes its brand as "' in the ad series - that is a major shift midway!
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