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Have you ever purchased an Indian domain as a gift for someone? Some people find the gift of a domain name more exciting than flowers, gadgets, clothing, chocolates etc. ;)

An article on showcases how Puneites are buying domain names and customized websites as gifts:

Abbas Suterwala (25) was surprised when his mother Farida gifted him a domain name on his birthday last month. Farida said that she had had enough of usual gifts. "The charges for a domain name were nominal just Rs 450 for a year and he loved it," she said.
10 per cent rise
Saurabh Jain of Thinking Space Technologies in Vishrant Wadi, said, "Since we set up the firm, we've had no enquiries for gifting websites or domain names. But in the past one year, we've had a few enquiries every couple of months."
Mumbai-based Shirin Thekedar not only bought a domain name for her sister-in-law, but also designed it. "I'll also help her host it," said Thekedar, who bought the domain name online for $11 (Rs 524) and said hosting costs will amount to about $60 (Rs 2,857) per year.
It's great to read that people in India are buying domain names as gifts (I think domain gifts are a bit more common in some other countires). With regard to India, I assume it's not just in Pune city that people are buying such gifts.

I once thought about buying a domain name for one of my brothers, but I knew he wouldn't use it or set up a website on it, so I abandoned the idea!

What about you - have you ever thought about buying a domain name as a gift for someone?
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I've picked up domains for a few friends. Three of them to be exact. Got the .com's as they were available. Second choice would have been .in

They were pretty thrilled and now want to develop a site around their domains, but since none of them know a thing about design, I'm stuck with the development :(


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My advice is to provide your friends with some tools to help encourage them to learn/develop their own websites! For example, introduce them to WordPress - it's very easy to learn and use. Also, perhaps point them to where they'll be able to download free templates or buy templates for their new websites.


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Thanks for the advice Ceres. I have shown them the Wordpress backend and they were quite impressed with it, but haven't got the inclination to get into the development aspect of the site. Still, I don't really mind doing it as site design is something I enjoy.


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I always look for unique gift ideas and have gifted quite a few domain name + hosting to friends and also to professionals who work with/for me. Most were .COMs and a few .INFOs, but I haven't gifted a .IN yet.

This surely is a gift that stays put for a long time - at least until the next year when that anniversary date comes along again :)

It would do well to tell the gift recipient beforehand about yearly renewal (if you don't plan to hold it out for ever) and also help them out with website setup if you know that they are not web aware.

I plan to donate a few domain names (+hosting) to non-profit organizations. Non-profit orgs. are welcome to contact me.

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If you really want to gift your friend Domain name then we have some unique idea :

1. Buy domain name probably your friend name.
2. Set up Google application for email on the domain and then gift the same to your friend ?
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