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Staff member, by Giuseppe Graziano, plans to focus entirely on “liquid” domain names. This means Giuseppe will only be looking to broker high value short and numeric domain names. Domain names in these categories continue to see higher sale prices, and I understand that Giuseppe has experience in this niche.
Giuseppe shared some information about and why he decided the time was right to start his own domain brokerage:

“We have launched with the long-term vision of helping transform domain names into a more efficient marketplace. I believe that, in the future, domain names will become a more liquid and legitimate investment vehicle. Many Chinese investors are constantly trading liquid domain names, almost as if they were stocks. We noticed that, contrary to what used to happen in the past – when large domain investors held to their assets waiting for an end user – nowadays many new investors joined the market and quickly made profits by flipping domains at a rapid rate and good margins, a lot more like traders rather than investors. If we assume that market size is equal to the average price times the transaction volume, the natural consequence of this increased transaction pace is that the yearly market turnover is quickly rising in value, which is very positive for the health of the industry. will be brokering exclusively liquid domain names – that is LL, LLL, LLLL, NN, NNN, NNNN, NL & LN, and there is going to be a cap on the assets that we will take under exclusive. The standard 15% commission is not sustainable anymore in this market, and I do not believe it is ever fair to charge the same rate when a domain is purchased by an investor. Technology and information are quickly replacing the need for salespeople and the only brokers that add value are those that not only help you buy or sell, but those who also provide you with insider knowledge about market prices, so you can avoid overpaying for domains or selling them for less than their full potential. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and I believe that if we can actually provide our clients with the data they need to make an informed decision, this goes a long way to build trust and long term relationships.

The target for every domain we broker will be to maximize the sale price of the domain by proactively pursuing end users, and to find the investors who are willing to pay above market price whenever end users are not interested. We will not be focused on premium keyword domains, developed properties and traffic portfolios, because we believe we can add maximum value to our clients only if we stay focused on the niche we know best; besides, there are already many excellent professionals like Joe Uddeme, Mark Daniel, Tracy Fogarty, Alan Hack and a few other brokers that provide quite an excellent service for the rest of the market. I will continue to publish the newsletter, as the feedback I received from all sorts of people across the industry was overwhelmingly positive. We will work hard to constantly improve our brokerage service and provide the best possible content for our readers.”

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Thanks for the information.

In the past I sold one italian domain at a good price thanks to Giuseppe Graziano.

He is a very good person, has good skills, experience and communication. Recommended broker!

I was in contact with him also for other domains even if in the last months I was busy and not talked with him, I will take this opportunity to contact him again and submit some domains to his new brokerage platform.
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