GGRG's 11th Quarterly Liquid Domains Report: 4-Letter .Coms Hit a New High in 4Q-2018

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    Domain brokerage & consulting has released their 11th consecutive quarterly report on aftermarket sales of "liquid domains." GGRG defines liquid domains as being very short .com domains consisting of all letters (L) or all numbers (N), as well as 3-character (C) .coms that have a combination of letters and numbers. GGRG terms these categories "liquid" domains because they are relatively easy to sell at prevailing market rates. The latest report covers sales reported in the final quarter of 2018.

    For many the most surprising result from 4Q-2018 will be seeing that 4-letter .com domains reached their highest total for a single quarter since the reports began with $8.6 million in transactions recorded for that category.

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