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I have faced this situation many times. I made a Small website,Write Content,Optimize it. Now how do i get that intial traffic? in other words how do i announce that hello!, i have this and this website. please have a look

One Quick option comes to my mind is Adsense, but Adsense can be quite expensive for startup websites. also, there is a problem of trust. users don't trust sponsored link vs natural links.

what other Tools/Methods you guys use to get that initial traffic?


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I think the next logical step is to promote your new website. People need to find out that your site actually exists:

- Use social media to promote your site.
- Participate and leave comments on blogs that are in the same industry as your website.
- Advertise on other websites (taking into account Google's stance on paid links, banners etc should be no-followed).
- Include website in forum signatures.
- Write linkbait articles.

Anyone else have other suggestions?


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I have tried many ways to increase my visitors.

Following this helped me...
*Using Traffic Buliding Websites
*Using Social Media
*Using Different Website by Purchasing Visitors

But i found only quality visitors with the help of social Media.... Best Wishes...
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