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If you are a Domainer and have thousands of domain names, reducing even a single dollar off your registration or renewal would mean saving thousands of dollars.

Andrew Allemann discusses some of the ways to get the best domain pricing on GoDaddy for your domain portfolio and save good amount of money in this article

Some of the methods which he discusses are:

1) Finding coupons which are available in plenty( $0.99 for your first .COM registration)

2) The bulk pricing system that provides you cheaper prices if you register domains in bulk(in a lot of 100 or more)

3) GoDaddy's Premium Services program which is given only if you meet certain criteria, and

4) Domain Discount Club which is a paid program and has $120/year fee.


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Godaddy gave me a discount for my first domain name that I registered with them. This never happened for extra domain names that I registered later. I found it hard to flip domains on their site. I opted to choose when I wanted to sell the domain names.


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I have heard various things when it comes to GoDaddy, but the thing that keeps coming back time and time again it is being very selective as to what you purchase So with the criteria that you mention, you really have to read the fine print, that is all that I am trying to say. I have just heard some things that would make me a little weary, but it certainly depends on what you can find, and the name you are looking for too.


The fact is that GoDaddy is a big company and as such they always have good margins to negotiate. We just need to know how to do it.


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Usually is easy to get low prices from Godaddy. They almost always have offers for new customers where dot COMs cost $0.99 but once you are a customer it's harder to get discounts for new domains although for renewing it's also easy to find coupons to get the price low again.
To get a good price with any domain registrar, you just need to search for coupons. There are many sites which specialize in posting coupon codes. The savings may not be much. It could be just a couple of dollars off the listed price but it's still something. Why pay more when you can save by just putting in a coupon code?


That's so very much true, many times getting a discount is just a few clicks away, so nothing like looking for coupon codes, that's money in our pocket.


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Bit of a noob question but where can you find coupons to renew your domains for godaddy? I see some places online but are they trustful?


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Bit of a noob question but where can you find coupons to renew your domains for godaddy? I see some places online but are they trustful?
If you've got several domains, I think you're best bet is the Domain Discount Club - it will give you prices as good as or better than any coupons:

Otherwise, you can just go a search for Godaddy coupons - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The most common ones seem to be transfers to Godaddy for low prices.
I use to look for coupons in RetailMeNot. It has a lot of coupons for a lot of sites. I haven't visited it recently but I am sure there must be something for goDaddy there.


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I am always one to shop around and make sure that I get the best deal, but I even I can get in those slumps where I just do not take that extra little effort. It can end up making a big difference, though.
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