Getting out of domaining .. Mitsu Domains Listed Here, Large List


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I am starting with a list of names @ Mitsu .. Free Instant Push or Transfers.

I am looking for bulk deals but will do single domain deals as well. Single domain deals will not be closed as quickly in case the name you are wanting is part of a bulk offer, but feel free to send offers on those as well.

P.S. I haven't had any time the last month + for my internet stuff, and it wil be getting even worse over the next couple of months. If you are contacting me about anything besides domain sales I will not be able to reply. Some of my businesses are being sold off - you will have to wait for a new owner if you have any questions about the other stuff including the drop catching script - which will only be sold to one person, by Christmas or so ..

Take your time to browse the list : Please PM any offers, inbox is being wiped clear now ..


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