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I remember a friend whose domain expired and the registrar failed to notify her. Immediately it was put up for sale, someone grabbed it. She feels a big loss since she had cemented her international presence with it. Coming up with a unique name isn't always easy after all. Do you always rely on being notified or the expiry date is always in your head?


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I once forgot to renew the hosting service but then a notification came in before my domain was bought by someone else. It is important to have a way of remembering before getting into any sort of trouble.


I guess that's true. If that did happen to you whereby the hosting service failed to notify you then you would lose out big time. It's best to have a system especially for those who have a lot of domains.


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I stand corrected but scenarios of forgetting to renew the domain name mostly arise if and when you're not working on your website on a daily basis. Ideally, if it expires, the site stops working. If you check and notice that's the case, then it is just a matter of paying after which the site comes back up.
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I agree with you tulip. There's always a high chance of a domain name not expiring if you are active. A friend of mine once forgot to renew the service with the host and it wasn't easy getting back the name. She swore never to let that happen ever again.


There are also online calendars, e-mail notifications from the hosting service and, of course, daily upkeep of your site. Your website hosting bill should be a priority up there with your internet bill.


That's a really great idea to use online calendars, Connected. I will definitely be using that in the future in order to avoid having problems if the hosting company were to fail to notify me.


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You probably use your mobile/ cellphone more than anything else.

Plenty of "reminder" apps available.


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I now see why there is no excuse for losing a domain name. It is just like forgetting to wake up in the morning. On a serious note though, if there should be any cases of forgetting to renew, then they should be very minimal.
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