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I was wondering if you would be willing to buy/Sell my hashtag #Flats for a price?

It's listed in the category of a domain name with traffic.

The traffic stats come from:

Tweets on Twitter using #Flats hashtag
Today at 17.00pm.

Furthermore #Flats hashtag comes with its own Landing page,

See details below:

Best Regards,

Additional Details:

Good News!

... individuals have a chance to get a short memorable hashtag to join the conversation on Twitter ... meets the strong demand for short memorable hashtags ..

You can be the administrator of #Flats and can access Be sure to follow @twubs on

Be sure to watch the video at to see how they have helped thousands of organizations like yours all over the world.

- Manage your Hashtag Landing Page
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It's very easy to use and provides the best conference and live event solution on the planet.

Reach Millions: #Flats hashtag is registered by us. Alright, if you wanted this to be your hashtag..

To grab every

- ALL OF IT...


If you wanted to own that..YOU COULD!

Here's the thing..

I would grab that, just because its so flipping awesome!

#Flats hashtag... Just because on Twitter its the trend right now! Ok?

1.260M tweets today so far using #Flats hashtag. (Time: UK GMT 17.00pm) - see photograph attachment taken from - Top Hashtags dot com, measures how many tweeters use a particular hashtag per day on Twitter)

So that is £89 per day for a couple of million conversations you can go grab.

Fast Action Results!


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