George Kirikos Launched a New Blog at and The Fireworks Have Already Begun

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    If you been in the domain business for any appreciable length of time, odds are you are already familiar with industry veteran George Kirikos who, in addition to his record of success in domain investing and development, also operates Leap of Faith Financial Services Inc.

    from his home base in Toronto.When we launched in 2003 George was already widely known for the quality of his domain and website holdings. Examples include (which serves millions of visitors annually) and a more recent acquisition, Kirikos also has and under development in the financial arena, and many others in an assortment of industry verticals.

    The financial domains fall in Kirikos' wheelhouse - he holds both Bachelor's and Masters Degrees in Economics from the University of Toronto. For years now he has used those skills to uncover previously unreported major domain sales and acquisitions while poring through public corporate filings. If you are a regular reader of our weekly domain sale report you have seen Kirikos credited for finding some of the biggest sales that have ever appeared on our sales charts (sales that likely would have remained undiscovered to this day if George hard not dug them out).

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