Full Domain Scanning Solution - Including Private Proxies ! Finally !!


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O.K. We have put much thought into this.

We are now offering full service scanning solutions that include complete script installation. Currently we re focusing on .in market but may expand to other markets soon.

Here is how it works. You will get a hosting account on our 4 CPU - 8 Gigs of RAM server with plenty of resources allocated to suit your needs. You will also be installed with 2 separate SOCKS ip addy's to guarantee rock solid connectivity and scanning ability for names.

This will however be a monthly plan as we have Server Costs, Server management costs, etc to maintain.

2 SOCKS - $34.99
3 SOCKS - $39.99
4 SOCKS - $44.99
5 SOCKS - $49.99
6 SOCKS - $54.99

(Increasing SOCKS means increasing speed of scan - i.e. 5 SOCKS can run 5 queries per second)

5x60 = 300 a minute roughly or roughly 18,000 an hour. This is all depending on other conditions as well, but that is the fastest we have ever got.

We are yet to meet a scan that needs more than 6 Sox IP addresses.

After your purchase you will be given login information and a batch of lists you can run scans on. We tried and tried hours endlessly and have found this works best on our server.

We realize this is not cheap - but it truly gives you the ability to stay on top of your game, running daily scans and keeping your own private drop lists made. Many in this industry already do - definitely all the serious domainers. Starting under $40 a month you can begin to compete with them and catch the best names as they drop.

PM me for more information on this service. It will be opening in about 24 hours. Once spots are filled they are filled for at least a week.


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Between 18-22 out of 40 are accounted for.

Even if we are sold out we will place a waiting list line, and will not add new customer until we are 100 % sure of multi user stability.

As a heads up you will be getting access to a very powerful server which will server it's ONLY function as running this program for our users - no other purpose AT ALL.

If CPU or MEMORY ever becomes an issue we can upgrade INSTANTLY.


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4 More Taken. Another point brought up.

I think we will make a password protected areas with scans of all major lists like dictionary, lll.in, nnn.in etc - That way we don't have multiple users running them right away. They hopefully will be readily available.

Also, even though we have this tool (which is great) we should RESPECT the .in Registry servers.

This means no running scans on domains we clearly know aren't going to expire any time soon and we have the whois information for creation date listed. For example - come April, we should only need to scan the names in our public / personal list that have Aprial Expiration dates.

Let's all use this wisely and I think the .in registry will be polite. If we abuse it we WILL run into troubles. I think all the people willing to spend the money for this service understand that and want this to be a long running service. There will be a discussion forum that will be private to discuss multiple issues - not just with the script but the .in name space as well. Please keep passwords private or you are devaluating your money spent.

Someone else considering purchasing 10 for $99.99 as well.

If interested better PM quickly


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Slightly longer delay - will be another 24- 48 hours. Our test running all 40 ip's across 6 accounts crashed the server, gotta find out why first. Hang in there guys.
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