From Hawking Airplane Headsets to Brokering Domains with Brooke Hernandez

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Today’s podcast guest stumbled upon success brokering commercial real estate and hawking airplane headsets long before she knew what a domain was, and that a domain industry existed.

In her current role, Brooke Hernandez, also known as The Broker Brooke, is an established and well-respected Domain Consultant and Branding Agent for — a domain selling and brokerage company.

Brooke and I chat about her early days in the domain industry working for with Tessa Holcomb, Jeff Gabriel, and Amanda Waltz. Brooke also shares how she educates herself and refines the valuation of domains for buyers and sellers.

We also get a peek behind the scenes of what domain brokers do in-between domain sales and during a sales drought.

And speaking of sales, Brooke recaps a few domain sales she’s brokered, including Vacation.Rentals, as well as guidelines for branding .com and non .com domains.

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