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hey guys,

found a registrar that have FREE .asia domains (1 per customer)
its a big registrar in australia so its ok......i use them

you dont even need to buy anything else...what the ????

just tested to see if it works and it does. woohoo free stuff!!!!!

to help a brother out and help me keep the good stuff coming

if you could click on my affiliate link and get your free .asia domain it would be great
FREE .asia domains

you dont have to, but whats an extra 2 seconds if your getting something for FREE

no sh*t i thought there was a catch........NO CATCH

no ads, no surveys, no downloads, no BS

simply transfer it over to your main registrar after 60 days

i just got
stockprices [dot] asia
valuate $560 (not that it means anything) but not bad for a .asia

enjoy something for free, you deserve it
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but do they allow it to sale /transfer to other person?

They are ICANN accredited.

meaning that after the 60 days grace period has finished you can transfer, sell, give away without any problem

i think ICANN regulate this very strongly to protect the general public.

In Australia we have many strict laws that force the companies to abide by the rules. unlike the U.S which is a chicken farm full of dodgy companies.

I have done many transfers without any issues........believe me I would scream from the top of a mountain if they screwed me over.

register.c*m on the other hand need to be avoided.

I have been waiting 3 months for a transfer code and have even hired an attorney to help me.
ive spoken to their rep.
my details are correct

still no transfer code.....AVOID REGISTER.C*M
I will post the email chain over the 3 months with register....they stall, block and do ANYTHING they feel is good for them to keep you as a customer BY FORCE
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i have registered one domain 30 mins a go but haven't received any confirmation on the email. shows domain registered to my name and related details..Lets see what happens now...


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i have registered one domain 30 mins a go but haven't received any confirmation on the email. shows domain registered to my name and related details..Lets see what happens now...

really? just wait a little longer, they are normally instant emails.

if the states your the owner and you used a correct email you should be o.k.

im a gold member and have an account mgr so if you still have no luck I will personally chase it for you..... i stand 100% behind my post
(will send pm now with mgr email)
please keep me updated on your progress so forum members can be 100% up to 150% confident as i use them for my's

happy you got something for free :)

** pm sent with direct contact

dont forget if you have multiple emails you can bend the system
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i will chase him down for you.

its 2.30 am in sydney am im gonna crash.

keep me updated as i will send an email / phone call in the morning

just pm with domain,
im all over this as i dont like people making me look like an idiot, i can do that myself very easily.

please check your

but rest assured i will break some balls.
im a pitbull on these sort of things and will go out of my way to help
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please note:

if you have registered a .asia and havent received the confirmation within a hour or two?
please pm me with details so i can 'break balls'

but please check your to confirm it has been registered.
if it hasnt within 1hr?

pm me straight away.

*its a big company so your pretty the godaddy of oz


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Thanks a lot Buddy..I will wait for few hrs..BTW..As its AUS must be night time there so is there possibility that orders will be processed in the morning instead of automatic processing at the moment of registration?


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just got the confirmation mail..Thanks again for the Help - Mrchris.

thank you Domains82 for letting us know. (i do think its automatic as i was using at 2am au time)


@pupul, any updates?
im rocking on a strong cup of coffee and am ready to get you your domain.

let me know if you need help?

thanks again guys for your patience,
i have no association with the company but will help kick some ass for you if your not happy because it carries my affiliate link so it reflects on me.


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I was hoping they would,

it was looking good for a day or two but they cancelled my affiliate commission ($2.49)

i got a free domain so im happy

stockprices is a good little earner on CPC but its far down my list :p


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thanks for the update,

just cleaned out some nice ones at $1

can confirm, you can buy multiple domains for $1 (not 1 per customer)
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