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We're back :D

There was a DNS issue - I'm still not sure exactly what happened or why it happened.

Because DNS takes time to propagate across the web, the forum would have gone down at different times for different people.

Strange stuff and very stressful!

I'm glad things are working again.


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That's good, as I was starting to experience withdrawal symptoms as I couldn't log on for so long. :eek: :D


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Hi, These days it is quite frequent :( The forum was down around Last night around 2am IST. Tonight it was down for an hour or so? ... Great to see its back.


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Strange, it wasn't down on my end then. But given that it was a DNS problem, it would have been down for different people at different times.

I'm wondering if the problem has happened before but I just haven't noticed it, as you're the second person to tell me this.


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Good to see you back up Jeff,

Yep to be honest ive been seeing this for about a week between 1pm - 7pm uk time on inforum..

Glad its sorted pesky dns servers!! :)

Best Wishes



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Thanks for letting me know Steve.... That's very worrisome. I'll get this checked into. If you have any ideas what could be causing this, please let me know.


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I also didn't realise this problem has happened before. Hopefully, the DNS issue will be identified and fixed once and for all.


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Check your log files in your cpanel it will show when server went down and came up over the week. Your hosting company may have been under a DOS (denial of Service) attack its common practise nowadays to bring servers down if this happens.


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