Flying Cars on Indian Roads?


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Three to four years down the line, don’t be surprised – if you come at a trendy car that zooms in the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and even takes to the skies when you enter the cities! This is not a science fiction movie or virtual reality game. It is something that is in existence – and now dubbed as: The Flying Car.
Source: Flying cars on Indian roads n sky

Now that's one super cool flying car! It's called the 'Transition' and the price is expected to be around $194,000.

2011 should be an exciting year, as that's when the Transition is expected to 'launch.' ;)

There's more information about this 'roadable aircraft' on the website. You'll be able to drive/park it like any other car, and take off/land at any public use general aviation airport with at least 2,500' of runway.

What kind of training do I need to fly a Transition®?

Since it will be certified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Transition® will require a Sport Pilot license or higher to fly. You will also of course need a valid drivers license for use on the ground.
Happy driving and flying!

BTW, I note that Frank Schilling's company owns
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