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i bought this script for a floating toolbar at ( ( ( Revived Wire Media ) ) ) - Floating Webpage Toolbar Navigation - web design, Wordpress design, web development, graphic design and zdigital marketing - Roanoke, VA and Lititz, PA.

No support of course and i can't seem to get the toolbar to 'float' and i know nothing about javascript so i need some help. I did have to make some changes to the script just for the 'toolbar' to show up on the left hand side at the top of the page. It was stuck at the bottom right before i made the changes.

The site i'm trying to install on is my Suit of Armor site - Suits of Armor, Body Armour, Medieval Armor.

The toolbar should scroll like the demo at Revived Wire Media - Floating Webpage Toolbar.

i'm sure there is a simple setting that is just off. can anyone help me here.


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Nice website!

I looked at your website and I'm not sure what's wrong the script. The only thing I can think of is - do you need to put something in the <head> to call the function?



Bought?? The demo page you mentioned (http://www.revivedwire.com/demos/Webpage_Toolbar/) is mentioning the source of this script in its code, which is DynamicDrive and the script is free to download. Check out RevivedWire's javascript file here http://www.revivedwire.com/js/jQuery[scroll2top].js

Here is the link to the original source. with all the usage instructions explained. http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex3/scrolltop.htm Be careful next time.. :)

The thing that people just copy scripts from deep free script resources and try to sell them as of their own is not uncommon, but the strange thing in this case is that RevivedWire din't remove the original credits :)


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