Five reasons why an end user may not be buying your domain name


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There can be many reasons why a prospect chooses not to buy what seems like a sure match.

1) Living inside the domaining bubble

Those who reside outside the domain industry do not have as much interest or passion about domains as you do. For many it is not the greatest thing they could do for their business, it is more a basic utility for them to be found on the net.

2) Difference of opinion on quality

Sometimes you think a name is of far greater quality than the prospect does. Yes, if you own the non hyphenated version it is of higher quality than the hyphenated version currently in use. The prospect may think that is worth $100 while you feel it is worth $5,000.

3) Some see you as a squatter

No matter how good a generic, non tm infringing domain may actually be, some see you as a squatter, pirate, parasite and they will never buy the domain for anything other than the cost of registration fee.

4) Email communications are not connecting

You need to know who to contact when you do email marketing to try to sell your domain names. Some just send an email to and wait for a reply.

5) The Pitch

You may get the email to the correct person but your pitch is no good or not striking the right chord. You need to make sure you test different email templates.

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