First Ever .VIP auction closes – Approx $146,000 in sales


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There was a tweet about an hour ago from Minds + Machines @ntlds on the first ever .VIP auction results.

First-ever .vip auction on Alibaba Taobao just closed; CNY958,500; aprx USD146,000; sold all six

The 6 domains :


520.VIP ( meaning I love you)



Che.VIP ( Car)


Well that was a fast gTLD acquisition. And 146000 $ for the first ever .VIP auction is quite remarkable. As far as I know, TaoBao is a chinese online shopping website. They have plans for that domain or they were just reserving it?


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I am guessing yet another registry set up auction to make the extension look attractive and to suck in buyers of names most of which will never sell.

Seems to be standard registry procedure nowadays.
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