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We're fairly new to Wordpress and would appreciate some ease-of-use and security support...but we're also interested in learning and don't really need to be coddled.

In this situation, how important is it to find a local host? woo-commerce plugins through which products automatically Import from any file?
If you are using Wordpress, I would say you are in good hands. Just about any established host would be good for Wordpress. To install Wordpress is just a simple matter of clicking here and there. Takes hardly five minutes. If you are new, I would suggest using shared hosting. Most shared hosting comes with cPanel. This is a very friendly user interface. Most cPanels also have Softaculous. This is a software installer which include Wordpress. Click click and you are ready to go.


Installing wordpress on anything is very easy. It is even easier with cpanel and softaculous. If you are concerned about speed and security though, you might prefer dedicated Wordpress hosting, since the servers will be optimised for it, and the wordpress install will be managed and secured. Sites tend to run faster on these sorts of hosts, and a lot of the management is done for you.


Can you please explain more about this kind of hosting that possibly makes sites faster. Is it the same as shared hosting? If someone is using wordpress on shared hosting does it affect the site speed?
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