Finaly a working automated appraisal for .in


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have a look at, the service appraises many ccTLDs and produces very realistic results for .in names.


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i just had a look at it.. doesn't look realistic may need some more improvement.
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it would be interesting to see which domains you checked, as you know no 2 domainers will ever agree on the real value of a name, especially if one of them ownes the name...

I checked 55.000 USD 29.500 USD 55.000 USD

found this quite accurate....


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I'm not sure just yet but I would expect to be worth something, I use it for shorturl
and value depending on end user & negotiation,


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Great to make an attempt to do this - congrats!

The valuations need more work, but I'm sure that's something you'll fine tune over time.

Your tool appraises at $640 - it would be a steal at that price.


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It gives way low valuations for all

Insurance(.)in $1,480
Property(.)in $610
Rings(.)in $55

You really think those are realistic appraisals? :)


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No Apprisal tool is accurate. But what i feels is that it is far better than Estibot...
Anyway congrats to the developers of this tool


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Nice attempt. Simple change is possible:

if (value < 1000) value*=100
else if (value >= 1000 and value < 5000) value*=15
else value *=10
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