Few good domains (lootpot.com, songbird...)


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I have following domains, please appraise these names:

1. lootpot.com
>> Combination of words loot and pot.

2. songbird.in
>> Songbird page can be put up for a music listeners community.
2.1. Songbird - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
>> Songbirds to denote a common family of tweeting and singing birds.
2.2. Songbird - Open Source Music Player
>> A winamp like open source media player.

3. toontxt.com
>> Toon + txt, for cartoons and funnies :rolleyes:. Actually Toons + text makes a comics.

4. brahm.in
>> Brahm in hindi/sanskrit is the root word for the Brahmin. Brahmin is a community of learned Indian people. Search for "Boston Brahmins" at Google to know more about the significance of word Brahmin in western context.
similar websites are:
4.1. brahm.com/about.html
>> This is a Media consulting group from UK
4.2. brahmin.com/about
>> This is a Leather Hand Bags company, you will get the reference to Boston Brahmins on this link as well :)

I have compiled this information on these domains that I have, please appreciate these domain names value or significance wise. I am open for the USD value the members would like to attach to these domains.

- Arun
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