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A quick thank you to www.DomainNews.com who posted an article about this forum, today:


Article reads as follows:
With firms and investors paying more attention to Indian domain names, a new forum was launched, which will educate and discuss the country?s domain potential. INForum.in, allows people to discuss, learn about and trade Indian domain names.

With recent success regarding steady growth in top-level domains for countries such as Germany (.de), the United Kingdom (.co.uk) and the United States (.us), attention has shifted towards opportunities in Asia. India?s economic growth is keeping pace with China and major firms are beginning to invest very seriously in the country, making it a good time for a forum focusing on Indian domain names.

The forum will focus on educating people about the relative usefulness of Indian?s various extensions, such as .in, .co.in and .net.in. It will also help people and companies prepare for the upcoming release of .in domains in local languages, beginning with Tamil and Malayalam.


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