FAQ: Where can I advertise my Indian domains for sale?


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Paying the registration fees , I am little bit reluctant . However Again a thought comes as we don't get any thing for free. The amount of satisfaction and variety involves cost simultaneously.


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sedo.com , flippa.com , godaddy auctions are best best to buy and sell your domains.
Above sites has listing fee for your domain selling if you don't want to spend money for listing your domains then you can try domain selling forums like dnforum.com , namepros.com, webhostingtalk.com
I have got a great place for you where you can have your domains, be it premium, wanted or unwanted domains, all featured for sale without making any upfront payment whatsoever, but on a tiny percentage commission, even after final sales. This way, you'll be able to list all your domains completely free to hundreds or thousands of internet users. You are guaranteed and rest assured that your domains will become visible instantly to countless users and you will earn a great deal of income through your sales. In as much as the domains you are here to list for sale are registered ones, you are ready fully to make money from them. All these opportunities are made possible with the Freemarket website.

Do you have any domain that you believe can fetch you some extra income without spending a dime? This is possible also with the GetDotted website. Here, you can feature any number of domains for sale and even get all of them hosted totally free of charge. Isn't that amazing? Yes it is. Imagine having a kind of domain listing website that allows anyone to feature domains free and get all hosted completely free! It's a great opportunity for those wishing to make money online from the sale of domain names.
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Check OfferTLD.com. Once you sign up, contact them and ask for a coupon. they will give you a coupon code that you can use to list your domains for free. Tell them that "weselldomains" sent you.
Actually, it is not ideal to start by getting charged for having domains featured for sale because of the risk of not getting sales for them as soon as expected, thus causing unnecessary spending on the part of the domain seller. To start featuring your domain for sale completely free, there are various classified websites and free domain forums where you can easily do that without spending a dime.

Some of these free classifieds and domain forums include: the Domain Name section of the DomainState forum; the Domain Name Marketplace of Facebook; the Domain Sales Marketplace of the WebHosting Talk forum; as well as many other free classified websites and forums that you can find online.


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