FAQ: What extensions are available for Indian domain names


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  • .in
  • co.in
  • net.in
  • org.in
  • firm.in
  • gen.in (general)
  • ind.in (individuals)
The following zones are reserved for use by qualified organizations in India.
  • ac.in (Academic)
  • res.in (Indian research institutes)
  • edu.in (Indian colleges and universities)
  • gov.in (Indian government)
  • mil.in (Indian military)
Taken from Policies
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Good job, Steve. I think even people other than beginners, don't always know all the extensions available. Good reference.



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Hi all,

Thanks for this great forum.

I am new to the Indian domain market and would like to know the main difference between the .co.in & .in and the pro's and cons to registering one vs the other.

Thanks very much for your help.




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Hi Ed

Welcome to INForum :)

Very briefly:

.in has worldwide usage potential and sells a little better

.co.in is more popular inside of India and thus isn't selling as well. That may change as the Indian online economy develops.


Whichever one extension sells is the good one!!!



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Is this for government related sites? I have seen quite a few government sites having the extension, mostly educational institutes.


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I have seen all IIT's have an ernet extension, Possibly they have been specifically reserved for them. Don't know why a specific ernet domain? Anybody with its full form if any?


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.com.in is not available?

No, it's not available.

Also, I've just updated the list to include:

- edu.in (Indian colleges and universities)

This is reserved for use by qualified organizations in India.

Source via Policies and ERNET India :: Domain Name Registration

ERNET India has been designated as Domain Registrar for all the Educational and Research Institutes including schools in India. It will register Domains at second and third level for ac.in, edu.in and res.in zones.

ac.in :: Academic
edu.in :: Academic
res.in :: Indian Research Institutes
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