Famous Four Media is now the second largest ngTLD operator in the world


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Famous Four Media is delighted to announce that they have reached an extraordinary milestone. Since their launch in 2014, the Company has sold over 3,000,000 domain names, with unprecedented growth seen across all of their gTLD’s. In this short space of time, one of the flagship TLD’s, .WIN, is already close to hitting the 1 million domain mark, showing no signs of a decline in a highly competitive market.

This week sees the much anticipated launch of FFM’s newest gTLD, .STREAM, which is expected to generate a very high number of registrations from its release. This is just one of the plans currently in the pipeline for continued expansion. FFM fully expects to maintain the current level of growth enjoyed so far, well into and beyond 2016.

Of its current success, FFM’S Chief Revenue Officer, Christopher Cousins, said, “I am thrilled that our registry business has achieved 3 million domain name sales in such a short space of time. 2016 has already proven to be an exceptional year for us, and with many upcoming developments currently in the planning phase across our registries and the wider business, it is a truly exciting time to be part of the FFM family and to share in their vision for the future”.


What goes up must come down. I'm not wishing them bad luck, but I hope they remember this can happen if they don't take steps to prevent it form happening.
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