Extremly fast tool for finding LLL, LL and other short generic domains.

I offer a tool that allows to find aviable LLL.in, CCC.net, LL and other short domains. It works for many popular TLDs. It supports now also the combinations CVCVC etc. and also Letter-number combinations, etc.

I might consider quite good price-off for buyers - feel free to contact me with an offer. Payment by PayPal.

The tool is described at the website: 1-single-letter-domains.com/sfdtool/private_demo/

The tool was good rated on NamePros reviews (search for search_short_domains or SSD tool) and also I earned myself quite a nice penny with domains found with this tool. Currently I have no more time for doing much domaining so I decided to sell it again.
I found some nice LLL.in with this tool. There was a time when many LLL.in were available at some low $ ammount. One I sold for some $$$ as far I remember :)
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