Expired domains like Puka.com and 200 others reviewed by Joseph Peterson



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Joseph Peterson reviews the past week of expired domain name sales in this Expired Domain Report.

Some time passed without China topping our list of expired domain auctions; first Insurance1.com and then DataTrack.com took 1st place – both English and U.S.-focused. This week China once again snags the tape at NameJet’s finish line, coming in 1st with PUKA.com ($9.0k). While it isn’t the $62k monster of 3 weeks prior, this sale nevertheless nearly doubles the price of its runner up.

You’ll recognize Hawaiian puka necklaces, although the domain is most likely prized without reference to cone snail shell fragments. Actually, I’m a bit surprised to see a Chinese buyer for this CVCV pattern, since domainers inside or aiming at China express a preference for vowel-less character strings. Pinyin is another story; but, although I could be wrong, “puka” doesn’t look like Pinyin to me. CVCVs are often sought after within the Western market because of their pronounceability and acronym-friendliness.

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