Examples of endusers buying .IN domains


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I came across another example of an end user acquiring an Indian domain. XTB.in redirects to in.xtb.com. Whois shows that X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski got this domain in Oct. 2008.

The domain sold in 2008 for $1,550.


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Good Quality Domain sold at good price. Finally what matters is the delighted customer or cognitive dissonance . Well listed domain .


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The Sedo sale of iTax.in in Nov. 2009 was to an end user (sold for $750). Whois shows that the new owner is the Swiss software company Ringler Informatik AG. The domain currently forwards to DrTax.com.


I sold ShareNews.co.in (Hand Reg) for $50 in one month of registration, the guy who purchased is looking to develop it in News Sharing website..
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Leap.in was acquired by Leap In Entertainment (domain sold for $3,000 at Sedo in May 2008).

I never noticed this end-user sale until now because "Leap.in" resolves to a parked domain but "www.leap.in" resolves to website (company needs some SEO help ;)).

It looks like an interesting website - not sure if it's still in beta (company also owns justleapin.com).
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Just updating this thread to include a few more Indian domains which made their way to end users (some have already been mentioned elsewhere on the forum):

BudgetAir.in ($20,000 via Sedo, July 2010)
Redirects to BudgetAir.co.uk. Travel comparison site.

vvm.in ($3,685 via Afternic, Oct 2010)
Redirects to VVMineral.com
V.M.Mineral is an Indian company involved in the mining, manufacturing and exporting of minerals.

Link.in ($3,300 via Sedo, Dec 2007. Re-sold for $3,000 Jan 2011 via Sedo)
BeautifulPeople is a dating site which connects "beautiful people" (company also owns beautifulpeople.com).

iii.co.in ($3,000 via Sedo, Feb 2010)
Website is still being developed. It is owned by Interactive Investor, an online financial services provider.
Company also owns iii.co.uk, which has an Alexa rank of 290 in the UK.

Day.in ($2,000 via Sedo, Jan 2011)
The Times of India is using this domain to help promote its campaign called "A Day In The Life of India"
Domain redirects to adayinlife.timesofindia.com.

Emperor.in ($1,000 via Sedo - not sure when this sale took place as whois hasn't changed since 2007)
Emperor Textiles Private Limited, an Indian company that manufactures and exports home textiles and garments.

udb.in ($1,000 via Sedo, July 2010)
Unique Dream Builders, residential and commercial builders based in India

BetWin.in ($600 via Sedo, Dec 2010)
Redirects to bwin.com, an online sports betting and gaming site

kgs.in ($560 via Sedo, July 2010)
Kohli Graphic Systems, an Indian company that offers graphic art products and services.

Kompass.in (366 Eur or $547 via Sedo, Oct 2009)
Worldwide b2b directory - .in website focuses on the Indian market.

Become.in ($500 via Sedo, ?July 2010?)
Redirects to Become.com, a comparison shopping website.


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Sunburn.in (INR 50,000 or approx. $1,100, private sale Feb 2011)

Website operated by Percept Property in partnership with Nikhil Chinapa (MTV presenter). The site promotes the Sunburn Festival, an annual outdoor music festival held in Goa.

domainerin observed in another post:

sunburn would get a lot of typein's since its one of the best dj fests in goa thats organized by nikhil chinapa in december last week every year.

I agree. It makes sense for them to own this domain and now they do. :)


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See domain sales thread

whitefield.in 650$

Whitefield is a suburb of Bangalore - very modern and saturated with Indian technology industry. I'm not sure if that domain was purchased as a geo-location or for some business name.

Looks like a business name. Website now live.
Whitefield.in - Whitefield offers a variety of marketing solutions.


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Hi all!I'm a new domainer from the netherlands. It's great to be here! Very interesting facts on here, thanks a lot!
I'm thinking of kinda specialising in asian extensions.
I've read this thread and now I wonder, do sellers contact potential end users directly? I have some .in domains related to some of india's major industries.
I'm affraid that if I contact manufacturers directly they'll be insulted.

Hope to get to know you all a little better and if I can be of any help, I would be glad to!


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Thanks Jeff!!
I'm gonna try with my epdm.in domain!
I happen to be in touch with a large epdm manufacturer in India, maybe it's worth a try!

thanks again!


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