Established Financial Student Loan related Website for SALE. Very high CPC $0.90. PR2


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I'm selling my website listed above that i have developed for over a year related to federal student loans and private student loans and all kinds of financial aid.

Google PageRank : 2
Alexa Rank: 1,954,327
Inbound Links : 749


Website providing all information regarding federal student loans, federal student loan consolidation, private student loans, student loans interest rate, refinancing, forgiveness, repayment, grants and services.


The website has an extremely high CPC of around 0.90 dollar and more per click (adsense) which is why i developed this site in the first place. Then there are a lot of offers of guest posts in the site and good followers. I absolutely don't have the time to manage this site which is why i am selling it, as i am a web developer by profession and i am currently onto larger things. I have already earned about 250 dollars from this website but now i wish to sell it as i don't have the time to manage it and wish to transfer to good hands. You can make money also by selling ads and blog posts, which i haven't done yet, but can be done.


Traffic is mostly via google and some other financial blogs and members of the financial community. I believe SEO would bring large traffic and do justice to all the good quality articles in it. Currently around 1000 people visit per month of which 75 per-cent are unique.


The domain has already been renewed for a year from this month and it is hosted free at However if you want i can shift the whole domain and move to a wordpress hosted service for you or can add you as a site author in blogger and remove myself from it. Anything you want if you wish to buy it.

Note : I have build this site with reputation from the community as a result a lot of blog post and link exchange offers come to my email frequently. I would also provide my particular gmail credentials (login details) for managing the site (official email id for site). So if you wish to buy i would like you to continue my site. Thank you.

I expect a price of 200 dollars onwards.
But i'm open to all offers. Thank you.

Email : or
Facebook : Ritwick Halder | Facebook
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