hits milestones in 2017


Member announced hitting many milestones in 2017.

Here is the announcement from Jackson Elsegood, the General Manager:

Global Support & Operations
To continuously support its fast-growing user base, continues to hire the world?s best talent and has grown from just 12 employees to now over 50 in five offices around the world: San Francisco, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Manila and Sydney. With an average response time of less than 20 seconds, our multilingual customer support runs seven days a week from 5am to 11pm PST, making transactions quick and efficient. In addition, we now have a team of dedicated account managers that have been assigned to key accounts to ensure the highest level of service is provided. API Launch
Our engineering team has been busy taking the technology stack to the next level in Amazon AWS, and last year completely rebuilt the trust accounting system, which allowed the launch of the API in late October. Now websites, ?marketplaces, ?classifieds ?sites, ?shopping ?carts, and ?mobile ?apps can have ?the ?same ?protection ?of ? ?built ?directly ?in. Other benefits of the API include no minimum fee. For more information see

WooCommerce plugin for WordPress
Hot on the heels of the API launch, we released a plugin for the top eCommerce platform on WordPress, WooCommerce. Over two million online stores worldwide can now enjoy the safety and security benefits of Visit for more details.

Compliance and Licensing is the largest online escrow company, and the only one that is fully licensed, bonded and audited. Through 2017 we expanded our regulatory footprint further by obtaining additional license classes in US states and territories. Our Compliance, Anti-money Laundering and Payments team across the wider Freelancer group now numbers over 70 staff to ensure the highest level of surety for our customers. Over 60% of KYC identity verifications are now processed within 10 minutes, making the process quick and straightforward to accomplish for our users.

Complete article here
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