Epom CPM network?


These guys keep emailing me about putting their ads on one of my sites. They say they're a good CPM network, but they would, and there's a lot of scams out there. I've never heard of them, so I am wary. Does anyone know if they are legit, and what their CPM rates are like?


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I've never heard of them and too bad, such emails normally end up in my spam folder. Would a company really approach you in such a manner? I would say this would happen if they came across your website and were impressed.


In this business I always say that when you're in doubt, it's best to leave it alone. There are way too many other legitimate companies that you can work with but you should never go into business if you're unsure.


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I actually got curious and checked out this company and from what I've seen, this looks like a reputable one. You may want to check them out through this link. I hope it will give more insight and address your concerns.
I have heard of them, but not sure about their cpm rates or anything but i don't these guys are scammers so i suggest you ahead and give it a try.
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