Entire Portfolio of single-word names - $1 on Flippa - USP.ME and 16 other names


Entire portfolio of .ME names. All the following names will be yours by the end of the auction.


Names include Google Search Volume

usp.me 301,000 The .biz sold for $2488 CLICK

tgif.me 301,000 Thanks God It's Friday

guadalajara.me 201,000 GEO in Mexico

tasmania.me 165,000 GEO in Australia

licorice.me 90,500 As in "licorice root"

jefferson.me 60,500 First name and last name - US President

snoring.me 60,500 Grrrrrrrrrr... For a medication

garland.me 60,500 Product and last name

excellence.me 49,500 It can't be better than that.

melinda.me 33,100 Name of Bill Gates' wife

floating.me 33,100 See product or brandable

gladys.me 18,100 First name

rapping.me 18,100 Very popular

marcella.me 14,800 First name

investigator.me 12,100 A real jewel...

proving.me 6,600 It may have many uses.

previews.me 5,400 Ideal for a films directory
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