English in Indian domain name?

Yep, marketing online is a whole new business, at the same time, the better we present ourselves, the more credible we are, the more likely we are to have success.
The most important thing here is for you to know who your audience is. The people that you are marketing to will determine what language you need to use. I think though that you can never go wrong with English, as most of the world can relate to that.
That's right, we need to determine our audience because until we do we won't be able to make an effective communication. So first we need to know who we are communicating to.
If you want to go local then try to use that language. Because Hindi is not entire India's language. And English seems to be good for some brands. In some cases using both definitely helps. Having local touch to your business can help in long run. But your work with any domain is that it should have some local indian touch in logo or domain name. That's how it may get more users.
Both is the ideal deal. But it all depends of market. For niche products in India, english would not work much, but for ecommerce and global entertainment business english is prevalent as the vehicle language.

Indeed, if your aim would be only India, English might not be needed, but it wouldn't be bad to have either. You never know who might stumble upon your site.


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