End user domain name sales up to $195,000


The cryptocurrency surge continues to drive sales at Sedo.

Sedo had some big sales to end users this past week and the top two are related to blockchain. That’s not a big surprise but the interesting thing is that the second domain, Orbs.com, doesn’t have anything to do with blockchain on the surface. It’s an example of a blockchain company going after a solid brand name.

CryptoWorld.com $194,888 – Mike Mann revealed that the owner is Binance.com, a cryptocurrency trading platform.

Orbs.com $50,000 – Another domain that sold for big bucks due to blockchain. The buyer is creating a technology to let consumer brands transition users to the blockchain.

Pens.de €23,740 – National Pen Co., which also owns Pens.com.

Kadena.com $17,000 – The law firm St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens LLC is the new owner so it was likely for one of its clients.

MetalStamping.com $15,000 – An Indiana firm that uses the domain name MetalStamp-Inc.com.

BPI.co $8,900 – BPI-China owns BPI-cn.com. I can’t get that name to resolve to figure out what they do but this was clearly an acronym purchase. It’s not every day that you see a three letter .co sell for so much.

YellowSeed.com $6,750 – Yellow Seed facilitates “connections between farmers and new markets in order to create thriving human, agricultural and ecological systems.”

LiveNext.com $6,500 – The buyer is unknown but they put up a holding page with their logo.

VR.berlin €5,990 – German bank Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG.

TropicSport.com €4,000 – Tropic sport sells sunblock and skincare products.

CCFL.org $2,488 – Illinois CPA Society. The domain stands for Center for Corporate Financial Leadership.

JonasTaxidermy.com $2,000 – Jonas Brothers Outdoor Industries, Inc. in Denver.



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