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When it comes to domain names, I think email is the x factor that is not always considered. For companies that don’t have their exact match .com domain names, I think email can be a big problem. For those who are fortunate, the email issue will be understood, although it can go undetected.

On one of my domain deals, the buyer may have been a bit too honest with me. His company was using a domain name, and he told me they were having email deliverability issues. Apparently, some of the emails that his employees were sending to partners, contractors, and others were not being received. This was a big reason he reignited a conversation that died on the vine. We were able to work out a deal, but if it weren’t for the email troubles, I think their team was content using their non .com domain name until a later date.

People regularly assume a company uses the exact match .com domain name. When it comes to searching for the company, Google and Bing make it super simple for a company to be found. Email, on the other hand, can complicate things (as evidenced by Alan’s tweet). People tend to assume the email address is @ the exact match .com. If the owner of the domain name is using that email (info@domain for example) or if a catch-all email is in use, an undelivered email message may not be received by the sender to notify him of the error.



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Emails from non .com domains have always been a problem for inquiries and first time visitors. Email addresses should ALWAYS be considered before purchasing and establishing a non .com address. The only exception is in countries where non .com domains are the norm like and and & .in and I even see where and .in may be a problem It may be better to have both and have duplicate email addresses.


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Well, I think I have once been that first time visitor that had a huge problem with non .com domains. Why do companies opt for non .com email addresses when the website's domain is probably .com?


This makes a lot of sense. I have always wondered why some people have emails with their company name and others don't. I've always thought that having emails the same as your company name makes you look more organized.


Would this problem be solved with a contact form, instead of a plain email address being listed? This site uses one and so do most others. That way first time visitors don't need to initiate email with a specific .com address.


Using email addresses that are not congruent with your current domain are not helpful to your customers. If you are having deliverability issues, they for sure you need to look at other options. Some domains come with an email address included. The cost might be slightly higher but the benefits will out weigh the extra money.
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