Email analytics firm 250ok scores $2.6 million Series A


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Company helps marketers reach their target, and domain name owners are part of the puzzle.

Email analytics firm 250ok has secured a $2.6 million Series A funding led by Arthur Ventures.

The Indianapolis company helps marketers make sure their messages are reaching consumers’ inboxes and improve effectiveness.

One way it does this is by ensuring the marketers have clean email lists. It buys data from third parties to see if messages are landing where they shouldn’t. The company also created MailboxPark to augment this data.

Mailbox Park allows domain name owners to direct email traffic on parked domains to the service. Mailbox park pays for all commercial emails received at these addresses.

This data is valuable because parked domain names shouldn’t receive email. Yet, as any domainer who has set up email (or used Mailbox park) knows, these domains can receive lots of email.



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