Elliot Silver: A Reason to Keep Deals Private

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    I don’t really share the domain names I sell or sales prices of domain names. I have publicly shared a handful over the last 10+ years, but my strong preference is to keep my sales and sale prices private. Occasionally, I have been asked about why this is my preference, and I want to share one example of what can happen when someone makes the decision to share a sale publicly.

    Last week, someone on NamePros reported the sale of CoinMena.com for $25,000. It is currently the most popular thread on NamePros at the moment. It’s a very strong sale with an interesting and somewhat peculiar story (particularly about the broker, but that’s another story). Prior to reading the article, I had no idea that “MENA” meant “Middle East North Africa.” I have heard of “EMEA,” which stands for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, but I had not heard of MENA.

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