Effective ways to promote a website?


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I surprise a little bit as no-one mentioned blogging here, Its also a very good resource from where you can get traffic and quality backlinks.


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If you want to promote your site you can do link building strategies like forum posting, social bookmaring, social networking, blog posting and etc. This will help you to get an exposure on other users.

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Link Building methods are the best methods to promote a websites. It includes Directory Submission, Article Submission, Social bookmarking submission, Search Engine Submission, Forum link building.


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Effective ways to promote a website


To effectively promote your website adapt the best SEO tactics or Digital marketing strategies.
1.Social media including Facebook,twitter.
2.Social networks like yahoo answers, quora,forums,blogs.
3.Do right off page optimization to your site(Social bookmarking,Directory submissions,criaglist,etc)
4.Concentrate on On page optimization(site structure,proper navigation,qualitative content)



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There are a number of things to do to promote your website as follows;
  • Make sure Search Engines know your Site.
  • Submit your site to Online Directories.
  • Social Link Building.
  • Blogging and Article Submission Sites.
  • Share your website link Social Media.


Content, content and more content. Also keep your audience in mind. How would they be more apt to find your website? What kind of browsing habits do they have? Different people are on the internet for different reasons, so they will have different ways of finding things. Know your demographic.
There are quite a good number of effective approaches to promote a website, but I would mention one or two effective ways to market a website. As a website owner, your ambition is to succeed with your website. On the other hand, not all website owners are successful. They simply failed because they don't know how to promote their websites. This is the most crucial aspect of online success.

Based on my personal findings, I consider forum posting as the most effective way to promote a website. The social media gadgets are already added in most of the good forums. So, when a post is made at the forum, it can be shared to the public instantly. The social media will only serve as an additional advantage to forum posting.


For me social media promotion seems to be helping. I am promoting the content through Facebook groups. And this has helped me a lot on the content grounds too. I am also going to be using paid ads. But for now it seems the social media is helping to get the traffic. Have to work harder on that.
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