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Domain sightings are random encounters with domain names “in the wild.”

Typically, we separate them in two categories: dot .com domain sightings, and all the rest.

Whether we are parked, or on the go – but for safety reasons, stationary – these domain encounters offer some interesting insights on domain name use.

Let’s take for example, today’s domain sighting, Edible.com. The domain was registered in 1998.

This great generic, dictionary domain, forwards to EdibleArrangements.com, a domain name consisting of two words!

Why would a company forward the generic domain to a two word compound?

Very simply, to rank higher in related results on Google and other search engines.

While a single word brand can become popular and identifiable with a company – think, Apple – generics rank less well than descriptive or fanciful brands.

Visit EdibleArrangements.com and see what they are all about, or save yourself a few keystrokes by going to Edible.com.



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