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I think the business idea mentioned by V Ramesh in this interview is a great one.

Ramesh is the founder of Ecomove Solutions Pvt. Ltd (EMS). He intends to launch a rental station network that allows you to hire and return a bicycle at various locations in Mumbai. The aim is to provide eco friendly and economical travel solutions to EMS members.

I would think a lot of office workers/students/tourists etc would be interested in renting a bicycle in Mumbai. Here's a fees comparison as shown on the website:

Cost of journey
By Auto at Dombivli Rs. 10-15 Share Auto Rs. 5
At Thane (By Bus Rs. 6, By Auto Rs. 20)
Total minimum cost one way ? Rs. 11
Total minimum cost both ways ? Rs. 22

Cost of travel by EMS Member both ways less than Rs.10 per day

Net Saving Rs. 13.50 per day.
The domain currently being used is (although I think the owner may have also registered, but it's currently parked). Personally, I prefer over Alternatively, they could even use

How successful do you think this idea will be?


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