Easy 2000+ Backlinks Submit Script Only $2.99


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Get Easy Backlinks Submit Script
[Automatic Submit To 2000+ Different Websites]
(Give your Visitors Free Organic Backlinks !)
Price $2.99 Only

1) Demo

Try it On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/moonscripts?sk=app_185373538243574
On website : https://www.phpmoon.com/fb/backlinks.php

2) What you will get ?

Just 90KB zipped (312KB unzipped) file of [index.php contains form code and 3 js files and 3 images] but well coded and easy to understand and edit it as well as you want.

You can post the form code within any part of your website and customize it as you like if you know some HTML knowledge.

Give your website visitor an amazing free service

3) What is it ?

  • It is simple php and js script submits your website to 2000+ different websites which are mainly "who is", "about us", "website statistic", etc. that type of services.

  • This script creates pages about your website on everyone of these websites, resulting in about 2000+ different pages with backlinks pointing back to your website.

  • Yes some of them are no-follow and some of them are do-follow, but bottom line is that these are well established websites regularly crawled by Google

  • Your pages and backlinks on those websites will be found and your website will get backlinks and will be visited and indexed more frequently by Googlebot and mainly other search engine bots


4) How does it works ?

1- You submit your url
2- It will replace it with its stored links
3- It will Curl it and excute it and once it responded (Okay) if not then (Failed ) ! ignore it.
4- It will ping also each through pingOmatic website each page for over 16 pinging website.

5) What does it needs ?

It can works with all kind of hosting almost and no special settings needed.

6) How to order ?

Just drop me PM and i'll send you payment informations
I accept Paypal , LR and MB
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