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In my opinion, traditional retailers couldn't stop the e-commerce wave and so they've also had to join the bandwagon. There was this time when I went mystery shopping. I got into this store, saw some pants that interested me then later on ordered from the comfort of my laptop and had it home delivered. I see a time when the consumer expectation will have risen tremendously, to the extent of the retailers being forced to closely engage other sector players (say logistics providers) so as to manage these high expectations.


Can't stand in the way of progress, otherwise you'll get run over! I love the fact that most retailers are being forced to up their game because of the way e-commerce is taking over. It's good for us consumers.


I think it's great that e-commerce took the industry by storm. It has really revolutionized the way we all do our shopping. I don't even know how I used to manage to get everything done before the internet.


Ecommerce has been pretty much the same for a while now. What is the next big thing that you think we're going to see in terms of technology within the next few years?


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Geordy, I don't think it has remained the same for sometime. Businesses with a great online presence are always looking for ways of improving service delivery. Competition is going to revolutionise e-commerce and I see creative e-solutions coming up in the next few years.
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Good point about logistics, tulip. To take that a step further, retailers can opt for drivers on their own payroll or call services like Postmates to come pick up the product(s) and deliver to the customer.


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Good point about logistics, tulip. To take that a step further, retailers can opt for drivers on their own payroll or call services like Postmates to come pick up the product(s) and deliver to the customer.
Exactly Connected. The thing is, it can only get better with time. I really don't see anything coming in the way of a great revolution, so to speak. As consumers, we can only push for better service delivery.
The future of ecommerce is uncertain, but some things remain constant – delivery times will improve, customer service will get increasingly better, and product selection will become ever greater and i have also read that in future drones will be used to deliver packages.
From shopping made from the armchair to the closure of traditional stores to move into the online environment, e-commerce influences every business decision, both at the management level and among the buyers.

Organizations, in front of electronic commerce
New technologies generate new approaches at the organizational level. For example, an e-commerce department may have a different structure from traditional sales. New procedures must be created alongside a new type of management and planning.
Changes brought about by the digital age are found in the way jobs, wages, careers are looked at. Increased global competition leads to staff reductions and outsourcing where the structure allows, to low-cost countries. Employees in the digital age need to be flexible. Workplace security is relative, so many are facing the challenge of constantly learning, adapting, and making decisions.
The creation of new products and the innovative personalization of existing ones can lead to redefining the mission of an organization and its way to operate. Through e-commerce, vendors can collect specific customer data. Alcatuid profiles, companies have at their disposal an important source of information to improve products or create new ones.

Mass customization helps manufacturers create specific products based on the exact customer need. An example is Motorola, which, with customer information, sends it to the factory and the products can be built and shipped within one day.
Impact on direct marketing
Product promotion has been enriched at content level and interactive customer interaction. Electronic commerce (online) has created a new distribution channel and bidirectional communication, all with low mute costs. The economy is found in the cost of delivering information to customers, compared to traditional methods. The acquisition process takes even a few seconds, but the real economy is found in the administrative delivery of actual delivery, especially in the case of international acquisitions. Here the process duration can be reduced by up to 90%.
The customer service is significantly improved by accessing online information or by providing support through the mail service. At the same time, customers can consolidate the trust relationship with their corporate brands through the corporate web page.

An important feature of electronic commerce is the presoning of both services and products. Currently we can set up computers, cars, jewelry, etc. E-commerce offers the possibility of mass customization, offers competitive advantage and contributes to increasing demand for certain products or services.

Impact on production
Electronic commerce changes the production system from mass to demand based. The production system is integrated with the financial, marketing, as well as business and customer partners. Using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), commands reach designers and production within seconds. Execution time may drop to half or more, especially if the production team is located in another country.
For products whose components are manufactured in several countries, communication, collaboration and coordination are vital. Subcontractors purchase materials from local suppliers; With several price offers, they significantly reduce costs.
E-commerce can change the financial system
Finance and accounting are also sensitive to changes in e-commerce. Traditional payments are inefficient for electronic transactions. The use of electronic money is not facilitated by legal regulations and international agreements. But there are prerequisites for them to change soon the way payments are made. Electronic money, which can be guaranteed by currencies and goods, can change the financial lives of consumers in the long run or revolutionize current financial systems.
Supply chain management in e-commerce era
A supply chain comprises the flow of goods and information between the source and the consumer. The activities of such a process are: production planning, procurement, product management, distribution, customer service and sales forecasting. An effect of the change in e-commerce is to orientate it in the business-to-business environment to the customer instead of the product.
An effective e-commerce aspect is the cost. Consignors, freight forwarders and automotive companies can send electronic documents, saving time and money for delivering them by traditional methods. As the transport is in progress, invoices, instructions, statuses and other documents can be communicated
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