Dynadot to get expired Uniregistry domians

Discussion in 'Registrars' started by Prashant Sharan, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Dynadot has had their own platform and I’ve used it quite often to buy some nice expired names. And now Dynadot is adding registrars, such as Uniregistry.

    I found out as I was scanning Dynadot names and saw some pretty good realestate.com and homes.com names, my favorites areas. But .. they looked a little too familiar. Yup they were names I owned in the grace period at Uniregistry.

    Uniregistry names seem to carry a higher than normal $50 fee, (Dynadot owned names start at $12.99) and seem to be at a set time, about 8 PM EST. That a smart move as opposed to the tough to follow all day expired names period for Dynadot names.

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