Drop Catching Script Announcement - Seeking Beta Testers :)


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There is not a lot of good drop catching software out there on the market. I have tried the main two, Snatcher & Drop King.

To be honest I have had reasonably good success with Drop King. I refuse to say anything at all about Snatcher, people who have bought the script or had the pleasure of dealing with Drew will understand why :)

However the biggest downside, especially for people just entering into drop catching is finding a reasonably priced script that performs well.

Our web site is not live yet, however when it is we will be launching with 2 price points.

$147 Includes 3 Registrars .. $67 will cover one Registrar ...

The 3 we will be supporting at LAUNCH are

* Dynadot
* Enom
* Reseller Club / DirectI / all of their resellers are supported

We should be LAUNCHING within a week or two, but for people who want to preorder we will be offering the script for the following prices (during pre launch ONLY)

$117 Includes All 3 Registrars ... $47 for just one of the three above ..

If you are interested drop me a PM - All we ask in return is a review of the script upon release.

Real Time will be supported fairly soon as well. For all beta testers who purchase all three registrars you will get this update 100 % free of charge.

Happy Catching ! :)


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This will be SERVER SIDE, not desktop based. Desktop based software will always be slower than server based.

There are no screen shots or demos. There will never be a demo for this, however there will be a 100 % satisfaction guarantee. You will have a full 7 days to decide whether you like the script or not. If you don't like it, drop me a line - if necessary a refund will be given.

There are only 4-5 more spots open for the "pre-release" - If you want to be in drop me a line and I will get back to you shortly.


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To clarify questions multiple are asking by PM

1) There will be no demo or test accounts. This is server side software installed on your server.
2) If you are unhappy with the software let me know. If a refund is required it will be given as long as you work with me as I try to correct your concerns.
3) This is not ready YET. We are correcting some stability issues. We will not release until all bugs we are aware of are fixed. No payment is required UNTIL it is released. Payment is required BEFORE you get your copy.
4) This will be released on a LIMITED basis. Even if we release the best software on the market to too many people at once nobody will catch names. Be glad we are doing it this way, it increases your value !
5) Total number of releases through this forum will not exceed 10 the first calendar month or 5 during beta. Given this fact we will only be accepting $117 order during BETA phase.

Last, but not least .. If you are not ready to spend the money on the drop catching script we do have DropList.Biz open now. For $39.95 per month you will get access to all dropping .in names. This also includes one STANDARD drop catch per month. Our list will also be expanding to cover other domain extensions such as .biz / .us / .mobi within a couple months (possibly sooner) for the same monthly fee. We already have a few private customers and will be allowing more come Monday or Tuesday.

Any other questions drop me a PM :)


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