Drop Catchers - PLEASE help us beta test during tomorrow's drop cycle



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We will be doing limited run, where no money is to be collected up front.

If there is a domain dropping today (3/17/12) with .in or .co.in extension we will do it for a flat $19.95 fee if we catch it. Keep in mind we are fine tuning all of our services so feel free to keep back orders with existing companies.

The plus ? NO MONEY UP FRONT. You pay ONLY if we catch your name.

The minus ... There is a chance we are beaten today's cycle. That is why we are testing free of charge unless we catch the name.

Lists are unavailable at the time, but I may post some names soon. If I don't most of you I would want to be a part of this trial phase have your lists made already.

PM only please do NOT post the name you want drop caught. Feel free to make suggestions on our service, but don't post your name for obvious reasons. First Come, First Serve.


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