dot DESI domains - Your path to the Indian Market


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dot DESI domains - Your way into the Indian Market

We have seen that numerous gTLDs have been introduced in the last six months, spread over a variety of niches, countries and other things in general. A paradigm shift has taken over the Internet and its users, who instead of going after the generic .COMs and .NETs, are now going for the new gTLDs that represents their business.
The good news is, the Indian Subcontinent is not behind in catching up with this new trend. As a result, we see the introduction of .DESI domains.

India is the second most populous country in the world after China, and has a population of 1.252 billion.
With the introduction of .DESI domains, there is a great chance for small as well as large scale businesses to get noticed in this large crowd of people of the Indian subcontinent, and be the next big thing on the Internet.

Meaning of the word 'DESI'

Desi is a word that has its origin from the Sanskrit language. The term is used to represent the PEOPLE, CULTURES and PRODUCTS of the Indian Subcontinent which includes India and its neighboring countries namely Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
It is an indigenous term which means 'PURE'. We have a variety of products in India like Desi Ghee(meaning Pure Ghee), Desi Liquor(meaning pure or Indian Liquor), etc.
Hence, the term is widely used in these countries to represent anything locally made and pure!!


India is a land of cultures and customs. Therefore, this term makes complete sense to me. Anything locally made such as Sarees, handicraft, handlooms, chocolates, tea, rice and almost anything that is made in India and its neighboring countries can be targeted using the domain.
Kashmiri shawls, carpets, Spices, kesar(Saffron), etc are some of the products that can be targeted locally and globally.
As India is an exporter of many of these products, they may hold a significant business opportunity.
Indian culture is very popular and people from all across the world come to India to study the culture and art. Here is another opportunity to capitalize on these small niches that are still overlooked but have a great potential.
A .desi domain also has a personal element to it, where an individual could brand themselves.
As a fortunate resident of the Republic of India, an unbiased advice from my side to all the Domainers, Investors and online and offline money makers, is that Indian market holds a great potential for doing business. Technology is catching up in India at an exponential rate and this is the right time to catch hold of it.
To enter the Indian market and connect it globally, .DESI is the right domain to have!!

To register your .DESI domains, you may make use of the DISCOUNT COUPONS that are available HERE
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I have actually bought one!

But would I be right in saying that I am probably among the millions who had no idea what Desi meant until this extension was launched?

Sadly it looks like it's time will be short lived and my huge outlay will be forfeited.
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