Dortmund.TIPS Sells For EUR 980 (approx. US$1,078) | The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales


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(The DN Journal Weekly TOP 20 Sales)

Top .IN: Omegle.IN $1,500 | Other .IN Sales: None

Top 'New TLD' / 'nTLD': Dortmund.TIPS EUR 980 (approx. US$1,078) | Other nTLD Sales: None

Percentage of .COMs >>
4 Weeks Ago (Thursday, Feb. 26) = 16 out of 20 = 80%

3 Weeks Ago (Thursday, Mar. 5) = 18 out of 20 = 90%
2 Weeks Ago (Thursday, Mar. 12) = 15 out of 20 = 75%

Last Week (Thursday, Mar. 19) = 15 out of 20 = 75%

This Week (Thursday, Mar. 26) = 16 out of 21 (due to a 'tie' at #20) = 76.19%

(All times/dates are IST)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpts:

Pair of Six-Figure Sales and Another Big Group of 3-Letter .Coms Take the Spotlight on This Week's Domain Sales Chart

By Ron Jackson


DomainNameSales led the way with a $150,000 sale of [...]

[...] second six-figure sale - one of those very popular 3-letter .coms - this one an ultra-rare repeating letter version - - that went for $136,400 at [...]


[...] Mike Mann's selling #5 for $30,000 (a name the Mann said he acquired for just $75 in 2012!) and Michael Berkens' moving #7 for a cool $25,000.

[...] in non .com ville [...] no reported sales [...] reaching five figures.

By the way, you all know that a lot of the biggest domain sales never get reported due to non disclosure agreements. Broker George Hong of [...] sales of his own [...] the other as a .CC country code domain [...] Hong noted .CC is more popular in the buyer's location - China (where some market them to mean "Chinese Companies) than in other regions. In another big NDA sale, Michael Berkens moved [...]



[ See More (including Ron's full, weekly list of the TOP 20 DN sales) at: ]

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